5th Grade Classroom News

The 5th grade students and staff would like to thank everyone that came to see the Science Share Fair projects. The students were very excited to share their research and demonstrations with every one. The teachers are very proud of each and every student that participated.

In Social Studies the classes are finishing up Chapter 10 and will be moving on to Chapter 11 which is Lewis and Clark.  This month in Language Arts we will be learning about Figurative Language, and in Math the classes will be starting topic 8 which is multiplying fractions. 

As the 2nd semester continues, please make sure the students are completing their assignments each night and turning them in. This will prepare the students for 6th grade which will become more demanding and require more self discipline and responsibility. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr. Anderson
Mrs. Hayward
Ms. Niedermeier
Mrs. Tillett