4th Grade Classroom News
 Parents: This semester we have seen students coming to school unprepared.  Many of them are not completing their home assignments.  It's not much to complete.  They may have a math lesson to complete and their reading and math LOGS.  They occasionally will have reading of some sort...comprehension or word work.  You as a parent can help your child by checking agenda books and making sure their work is complete and back into the red fold AND into the backpack!  

Math:  The classes have started working on fractions and should also continue to study basic facts!!!!

Social Studies:  Students need to study their state capitals given to them weekly...one region at a time. Watch for maps to come home as a study guide.

READING:  Read 30 minutes per night and complete the LOG which should be taken a bit more seriously.  Some students rush through these.

Parents, please remember to sign your child's agenda book each night and as always thank you for your continued support at home.

The Fourth Grade Team