Davenport PBIS

Teacher Managed Behavior Office Managed Behavior
  • Homework
  • No Supplies
  • Tattling
  • Non-compliance
  • Name calling 
  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Teasing
  • Unkind words
  • Wanderers
  • Attendance/Tardy
  • Vandalism
  • Defiance
  • Weapons
  • Profanity
  • Educational disruptions
  • Fighting
  • Verbal/Physical intimidation
  • Stealing
  • Harassment (including sexual)
  • Repeated wanderers


Davenport Behavior Matrix

Expectations Hallway Bathroom



Across All Settings Cafeteria Field Trip/ Assemblies Class/ Specials Playground
Be Respectful Silent voice while walking in line
Personal property
Respect other's property
Personal space
Be quick
Be quiet
Keep the space clean
  Respect personal space
Use quiet voice
Include others & share
Use quiet voices
Practice good table manners
Only touch your own food
Sit on your bottom
Listen quietly
Raise your hand
Quiet voices
Listen to the person talking
Follow directions
Climb only on playground equipment
Follow directions
Be Responsible Hands, feet, & body to self Privates private
Be quiet
Wash hands
Play-free zone
Be quiet
Walk quickly & quietly
Clean up after yourself
When in line keep your personal space
Stop talking when the whistle blows. Eat your food at your table only. Keep table & floor neat, Face forward Follow directions
Stay with your group
Put your things where they belong
Be gentle with books & equipment
Help take care of your classroom
Coats on 64°or below
Keep coats on until you get to your locker
Playing where others can't get hurt
Use equipment correctly
Be Caring Eyes forward/in front
Be a good friend
Wait your turn
Tell adult if there is a problem
  Use kind words
Help without being asked
Hands in your own trays
Raise hand for help
Help a friend opening things
Enter & exit quietly
Listen, watch, & use good manners
Use kind words
Help others/share
Be honest

Include others

Use kind words

Be Safe

Use walking feet

Clean up mess

Walk on right side

Keep clean & dry

Listen to adult

Keep calm

Wipe your feet

Tell an adult when there is a problem

Stay seated until dismissed

Stand patiently in line


Use walking feet

Keep hands to yourself

Keep your chair flat on the floor

Stop swing before getting off
Peaceful/gentle hands
Tell playground teachers when there is a problem
Pretend or play weapon free zone


Bus Behavior Matrix

Respect Property Keep bus clean
Keep feet on floor
Keep toys & electronics at home  
Be Responsible Ask for help when you need it Wait your turn to get on & off the bus  
Respect others Hands & feet to self
Keep aisle clear
Use nice words Let person in front of you go first
Be safe Stay in your seat
Eat at home
Use quiet voice
Walk slowly
Quiet at R.R. crossing
Listen to bus driver


Proposal for PBIS Reward

GOAL -- To reward behavior and to assist our students to read more, the following concept was proposed:

Book Reward for Purple Behavior

Every day a student gets on purple have them put their name on a purple card.

The next morning send the purple cards with the lunch money down to the office.

They will be put in a weekly drawing for 7-14 books to be given away to students that have had their names drawn from purple cards.

The names will be announced and the students will come to the office to get their book.

We will purchase scholastic books for the program.

The program would start the week of November 30th -- reinforcing good behavior especially right before the holidays and continue second semester.

We have been given grant money to purchase the books.